Great News For North East Of England Customers !!!

We are introducing a new  REDUCED tariff for our North East customers living in the following Post Codes :


THESE POST CODES now enjoy a REDUCTION when one gets to the Check Out / Basket .

From Today there will be  an automatic reduction from your Basket of £20 . This reflects the reduced road  distances between our customers and our warehouse .

We hope our local customers will be delighted  in this new service.

These Deliveries will be handled by a specific local delivery company and not our nationwide haulier .

So its North Eastern Drivers delivering to North Eastern Customers !

Hope you all enjoy the new reduction !

Available from September

                                                 Happy Buying Winters On The Way 😁

Happy shopping


Winter Approaches

The evenings are starting to draw in , and there’s a nip in the air, I notice my Swallows flying less often as they are about to leave for warmer temperatures. Winter must be on the way. The trees are just staring to turn their leaves a golden brown, yes, winter is not far away .

UK Logs Direct have been busy over the summer sourcing new products. We are acutely aware that Ash prices are rising and now offer Oak & Birch as an alternative and both available in Half Crate and Full crate .

Oak, a traditional log in the UK has been well received by our customers, this species burns very slowly, not such a large flame as Ash, but gives off a tremendous heat. A really good alternative to Ash .

Birch, is still featured and has settled down with lots of Pizza oven buyers, but still it’s a fine hardwood log, starts well with a fine bark which ignites very quickly. Actually, Birch does burn well despite what you may think. But best to buy kiln dried as always. It’s better value then Ash and Oak, but, it’s really a personal choice as to what’s best . Everybody has their own opinion , logs can be a little like fine wine !!

Ash has risen steadily in price over the  summer as its popularity has been its undoing , that’s why we have introduced Birch and Oak. There is likely to be times during this season when we will run out of Ash so our advice is to stock up now as it’s possible prices may rise further. Prices for Ash have risen 15 % since March !!!  But , we at UK Logs Direct have tried to keep our prices down, but at some point we will have to pass these rises on to our customers, again , buy now! When it’s gone it’s gone !!!!


Cold Weather On The Way – Time To Stock Up With Logs

Well, the weather is finally about to turn from Wednesday the 2nd of November it’s going to get much colder particularly at night , and in rural areas there may well be the start of morning frosts . So, now is the time to order your Kiln Dried Ash Logs to ward off this cold weather. With the clocks going back this weekend it’s really beginning to feel like winter has decided to make it’s appearance. Now is the time to stock up with Kiln Dried Ash logs as prices will now inevitably begin to direct upwards  as the temperature falls and demand increases so it’s the perfect time to stock up at UK Logs Direct .

Shop Here

Shop Here

Our NEW 1 Cubic Metre Crate Of Kiln Dried Ash Logs Is A Winner

The New Shaped  1CBM crate of Kiln Dried Ash Logs has now launched and it’s proving very popular with our old and new customers.

At only 80cms high it’s lower and wider than the old style and it’s now four logs wide instead of the three that used to be the format in the original crate.

Other benefits are given it’s lowness it’s so much easier to move about on a pallet trolley and to empty as you now lean in rather than lean over to retrieve the logs you want .

We are again glad to report that there have been no issues at all with this new crate of ash kiln dried logs either in delivery or in transportation so head over to UK Logs Direct to grab your crate.

PLUS you get TWO FREE NETS OF KINDLING with every crate

Buy It Here

Buy It Here

Our New Large Kiln Dried Ash Logs Crate Proving Very Popular

We are glad to report that new 2cbm Large Crate of Kiln Dried Ash Logs now wider and lower to aid stability for delivery has been a total success.

With so many now having been delivered we are glad to have had very positive feedback from customers and the delivery drivers.  Also , because the crate is lower and wider it’s easier to pick out what you want when you want it and because they are better built than in the past they are standing up to the rough and tumble of being moved about in delivery and are arriving in much better shape than in the past.

If you like the sound of it head over to UK Logs Direct to get your crate

PLUS you get FOUR FREE NETS OF KINDLING included in the price

Shop Here

Shop Here

Delivery – We Make It Easy For You

Here At UK Logs Direct We Have Made Delivery Of Your Kiln Dried Logs So Easy For You

You can choose when you want it, AM, PM, Next Day Or Even Book In Advance

Preferred Delivery Day – Select Your Preferred Day (at least 2 days in advance excludes weekends)
AM Delivery (9am-12pm) For £10
PM Delivery  (1pm-5pm ) For £10
Saturday AM Delivery For £40
Next Working Day Delivery for £10 – Next Working Day Is Not A Book In Service – The Depot Will Call You APPROX One Hour Before Delivery So You Do Need To Be


Shop Here

Shop Here

New Product Launch – 1.5m3 Crate Of Ash Kiln Dried Ash Logs

Our new Midi Size 1.5m3 Ash Logs Crate is designed to fill the gap between those customers who don’t need or have the capacity to store the Large 2 cubic metre crate but need a bit more than the 1 cubic metre crate. This new crate is lower in height and has a wider footprint making it more stable than the large crate which we hope the delivery companies find easier to deliver and we think it will also be a lot more stable .

The weight of the kiln dried ash logs in this new three quarter size crate will weigh in at about 600 kgs, and is of course priced between the half crate and the full crate . This new Midi Crate is on sale now on our website UK Logs Direct



Launch Of UK Logs Direct Mini Crate Of Kiln Dried Ash Logs

UK Logs Direct are introducing a new product for the summer season a MINI CRATE Of KILN DRIED ASH LOGS weighing about 200kgs.

This Mini Crate of logs is for the occasional chilly night,  BBQs, Chiminea’s, home Pizza Ovens & events with a outside log burner.

Ideal, small, compact and ready to go, easy to store and move around .

This is a first for UK Logs Direct  and we think we are one of the first retailers offering this new exciting product . Mini Boxes will be on sale from 7th April , we are taking advance orders now.



Wood Fired Pizza Ovens – Whats The Best Wood To Choose?

Here at UK Logs Direct we have been receiving a lot of requests for wood for Wood Fired Pizza Ovens.

This product,  Kiln Dried Ash is ideal for wood burning pizza ovens as it burns clean and hot.

Home Pizza ovens are becoming very popular and we have sent out a number of kiln dried ash deliveries  this week for exactly this purpose.

We are also doing trials of our Kiln Dried Ash with a major restaurant in Wales and we may get to supply them on an exclusive deal. We are amazed at the amount of wood a very large clay pizza oven can use in a week!  This particular pizza oven cooks 8 full size pizzas at once, weighing in at over two tonnes it’s a giant .

We will publish details of progress when trials have concluded but in the meantime if you have a home pizza oven why not try our Kiln Dried Ash available in lots of different options to suit your needs.


Summer Special Offer Bulk Bag Of Kiln Dried Logs

The Bulk Bag of BULK BAG KILN DRIED LOGS is down down down in price on a summer special price , delivered at 99.99, what a bargain, it’s a limited offer , first served first delivered.

100% Kiln Dried Ash Logs with low moisture content perfect for wood burning stoves & open fires

Compare spring prices and we think we are the most competitive and the cheapest for our KILN Dried Ash Bulk Bag . Also an added benefit, you can use the bulk bag for gardening and tidying up projects etc , it’s a many time re-useable container and flat packs to nearly nothing !

Only available at UK Logs Direct for early spring – summer.

Be quick and grab yourself a bargain.